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Dulevo International has grown to establish itself as worldwide leading floor sweeper and scrubber company, offering top quality industrial cleaning machines, sweepers, scrubbers, vacuums, cleaners, tools and burnishers. As a company Dulevo brings everywhere in the world the best sweeper and scrubber technologies available on the global market.

In every respect, you can be guaranteed that a Dulevo approved product that you invest in, will be more reliable and perform better than any equivalent looking product offered by a competitive supplier.

Today, Dulevo International has grown to establish itself as the leading quality supplier of:

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The management of DULEVO International S.p.A regards the protection, respect and safeguarding of the environment as fundamental concepts of the company’s ethos.

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Dulevo is a international world wide leader in the production of:

Street Cleaning Equipment - machines used for street sweeping, both mechanical and suction or suction only, street washing and refuse collection/compacting.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment - dry floor sweeping walk behind and ride on heavy duty machines. Purpose built for the toughest environments.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment - walk behind and ride on sweepers and scrubbers,for industry and commercial / institutional applications, as well as burnishers and vacuum-cleaners.

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